A safe home

A safe home

Fire and water damages are expensive and time consuming to fix. Repairing a kitchen after a leakage may take 2 to 3 months. Securing that space against leakages is, reversely, easy and affordable.

The best safety tips in preventing water damages include
- placing a custom-sized vat under the dishwasher, fridge and freezer
- securing also the area under the draining board and making sure the pipes are sealed
- placing a leak & humidity alarm in the cupboard under the kitchen sink
- making sure that everyone knows where the main tap is located and how it's turned off.

For fire prevention in every home, we highly recommend under 10-year-old fire alarms (1 per every 60m2), which are tested at even intervals; overvoltage protected extension cords, and fire blankets. With these, you'll be able to act immediately in case of a small fire. Even so, be sure to always call the fire department!

If damages do occur, despite careful measures, home insurance usually covers repairs and losses. If home insurances can be found here.

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