Cavius Smart Flood Alarm

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The world's smallest smart alarms are now available at If Turvakauppa!

The new Cavius wireless family flood alarm is specifically designed to fit the modern family’s need for home safety. Your whole home is now under control through a handy app on your smart phone.

Designed with a 5-year battery life, 5-year warranty and a 85dB(A) siren to warn the family against flood in basements, this alarm can be connected within a house group and other alarms from the Cavius Wireless Alarm Family.

The Cavius flood/water alarm is ideal for use near or under the sink, washing machine, dishwasher, or in the basement.

Watch Cavius introduction here!

If P&C Insurance Company Ltd. recommends the Cavius Smart Alarm Family.

The Flood Alarm is designed to detect a leak of water from washing machines, water pipes or under-sink cabinets. It can also be used to detect flooded basements. Place on the floor near possible leaks.

An accessory wall mounting base with probe is sold separately. The wall mounting base helps installation in basements with a risk of flooding, or other areas with difficult accessibility.

DURACELL or PANASONIC replaceable 3v CR123A lithium battery 1600mAh.

Battery life:
Minimum 5 year life in normal operating conditions. (Based on a weekly testing).

How about low battery indication?:
A short acoustic “beep” will sound and LED flash every 48 seconds when the voltage is below 2.85V. In this stage it will continue for minmum 30 days, and can drive the alarm for 4 minutes.

What does normal operation look and sound like?:
LED flashes every 48 seconds and an audible indicator min. 85 dB @ 3 meter in anechoic chamber.

The sound pattern?:
Flood alarm condition is indicated by a sweeping sound.

Visible indicator:
A red LED is used to indicate the following conditions:
– Alarm condition is indicated by a flash every 0.5 seconds.
– Normal operation is indicated by a flash every 48 seconds.

Product weight:
Base alarm weight (excluding screws, plugs and mounting ring): 50 g

Detection timing:
Instant alarm at flooding. 

EN 14604:2005 EN60065 EN300-220 NF292

Red Dot 2016 Design Awards

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