Cederroth Burn Gel Dressing

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Cederroth Burn Gel provides rapid cooling and effective pain relief for burns. The cold reduces the pain and swelling and prevents the injury from penetrating the skin deeper. Cederroth Burn Gel Dressing cools as effectively as water and thus, speeds up the healing process.

Burns should be treated quickly, therefore for optimal preparation it is advisable to have Burn Gel both at home and at work, and while travelling. This particularly applies to situations in which you do not have clean running water.

The Burn Gel Dressing can be used for surface and partially deep burns, scalds, sunburn and electrical burns. The dressing can be placed on top of the burnt clothes.

• Quick cooling and rapid pain relief
• Water soluble

Contains water-based (>96% water) gel and antiseptic Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil)

10x10 cm dressing, 2-pack
Shelf life 5 years

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