Christmas Campaign 2019

Christmas season is prime time for delicious cookings - but also for accidental kitchen fires. If Safety Shop wants to offer you the essentials for staying safe throughout Christmas, for a campaign price! Included is a free delivery via Posti or Matkahuolto in Finland to respective pick-up points.

Safety starts with awareness of what to do in case of an emergency. In order to avoid flair-ups in the kitchen, here are our most essential tips:
- Fires most typically start from an unguarded lid. Stove alarm alerts you predictively and in time, reacting to cooking-related risk situations.
Thermal heat alarms, on the other hand, monitor the room temperature for any quick rises. They are the right choice for kitchens (as opposed to a fire alarm, which is sensitive to cooking fumes).

- If a grease fire erupts, it's important to have an extinguisher or a fire blanket readily available. FireStopper extinguishing spray is an easy choice for a family kitchen as it's most simple to use, light in weight and does not require maintenance. In an emergency, put out the fire as safely as possible, switch off the power source and call 112. Don't be a hero.

- If an electrical appliance is not working properly, turn the device off and pull the plug off the wall. Always get appliances fixed by a certified professional. Even home insurance won't cover damages caused by DIY repairs.

- Make sure your fire alarms are functioning and not older than 10 years. Every 60m2 requires a fire alarm so make sure your home and office spaces have enough.

- Lid fires are most common in homes of over 65-year-olds. Please make sure all your loved ones have the necessary alarms.

All of us at If Safety Shop wish you a safe and merry Christmas!