Confienta Patron Pro Locating Watch

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The Patron Pro locating watch is a Finnish invention, designed to make life easier when a weakening sense of balance and coordination or memory loss start making moving about more challenging.

The GPS watch is light and stylish, with changeable wristbands. The watch works with a SIM-card and does not require any additional, supporting accessories. Whenever the GPS-tracking function is not necessary, it can be deactivated and then re-activated again when needed.

With or without the mapping service, the watch can also be used as a safety phone. In case of a sudden fall or getting lost, help is just a button's push away. This makes the watch also a perfect tool, for instance, for staff who might face threatening situations at work.
  • Locating with all mobile devices
  • Text notifications when the user leaves a designated area
  • 24h+ operating period
  • Stylish, functional watch
  • Acts as a safety phone, with a two-way line
  • Sends a warning to a programmed-in contact number when battery is critically low

The locator updates its user's location with the help of Confienta's own map service. You can set the search frequency (i.e. 2, 5 or 15mins) through the map application. The set frequency will somewhat affect the battery life of the device.

The purchase price of Confienta Patron Pro includes a full month's use of the map services.
This service is fully developed in Finland User codes will be provided during device activation.

Continueing with the locating service can be easily arranged through Confienta's webpage in 6- to 12-month periods.

  • Battery life depens on the determined frequency of the locating periods (24h-30h). This frequency can be specified and changed with the Maps Service.
  • Maps Service developed in Finland
  • Low battery warning by text message to a designated number
  • Splashproof
  • Size 4cm x 3,5cm x 1,5cm =smaller than a box of matches
  • Weight 30g =half an egg
  • 12-month warranty

By pushing the device's call button, a contact list will open up on the watch screen. By pushing the call button again, the watch will call the first contact on the list (such as a family or a staff member). Up to five different numbers can be saved in the watch. Calls work in both directions, meaning that the watch can receive phone calls as well.

A SIM card is delivered within the Patron Locating Watch, enabling the calls and locating services to work right from the activation. The subscription cost is 9,90€ per month.*

The locating device can also have a predetermined safety area, such as a nursing home yard or the home environment. Leaving the safety area will send an alarm to a chosen number. This area can be set and modified through the Map Service app.

*Any deliberate misuse of the subscription shall result in immediate disconnecting of the service, without reimbursement.

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