Confienta Piccolo Senior Safety Phone

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Piccolo Senior Safety Phone is a simple SOS-solution that works everywhere without accessories. This small device can be worn on the wrist as a watch or around the neck. The emergency button not only makes a call to designated numbers, it also sends a text message. This way the person on the receiving end will always be reached quickly.

Piccolo Senior is an ideal device for anyone struggling with balance, coordination or memory loss. Help is always just a button away - at home, while shopping or when mushroom-picking in the forest. Get a Safety Phone before it's too late!

  • Two-way line with the push of a button
  • Works everywhere without accessories
  • No separate devices or gateways
  • Light and small
  • Long operating hours, up to 100h!
  • Added option: locating service with any mobile device, anywhere.

Piccolo Senior has three buttons, each of which can be programmed to call a different number. The desirable contact numbers will be set during the Safety Phone activation. The SOS button will send an alarm by text to a loved one, after which the same number will ring.

As an option, the Safety Phone can be linked to a locating service with which the phone is securely traceable anywhere, anytime. A safety area can also be set: leaving the safety area will send an alarm to a chosen number. The map and locating services are fully developed in Finland and run by Confienta.

  • Battery: up to 100 hours, depending on the level of active use. The battery acts like in a mobile phone. When using the optional GPS Maps Service, the battery duration will be determined by the frequency of the locating periods (2 mins, 15mins... 20h-80h battery life). This frequency can be specified through the Maps Service.
  • Battery alarm: when the battery is down to 10%, the device will send a text to a designated number.  
  • Splashproof.                                                   
  • Measurements: 4cm x 3,5cm x 1,5cm - approx. a small matchbox.
  • Weight 27g - approx. half of an egg.

A SIM card is delivered within the Safety Phone, enabling the calls, texts and locating services to work right from the activation. The subscription cost is 9,90€ per month.*

The purchase of Confienta Piccolo Senior includes a full month's use of the locating service.
This makes it easy to test the function and evaluate its current necessity. Prolonging the service is arranged effortlessly through Confienta's webpage in 6 to 12-month subscriptions.

*Any deliberate misuse of the subscription shall result in immediate disconnecting of the service, without reimbursement.

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