Fireangel Thermoptek Smoke Alarm, 10-year battery

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The FireAngel ST-622 is a sealed 10-year-battery powered Thermoptek smoke alarm with improved detection of slow-smouldering fires. Its handy Smart Silence function allows the smoke alarm to be temporarily silenced for 10 minutes whilst, for instance, roasting a Christmas ham.

Thermoptek technology combines the latest in optical sensing with a thermal enhancement. The alarm constantly monitors for temperature changes, and if a sudden rise is detected the sensitivity of the alarm is increased.

This optical smoke alarm also uses the light scatter principle. As smoke enters the optical chamber, its particles cause the infra-red light to scatter onto a photodiode light receptor. Thereafter, a signal is sent to the integrated circuit causing an alarm to sound.

10 Yr Warranty.png10 Year WarrantyBattery.png10-Year Battery Kitemark.png BS/LPCB Certfied

  • Thermoptek optical smoke sensor - detects slow-smouldering fires
  • Tamper-proof sealed 10-year battery powered alarm
  • Sensing technology of choice for the UK's Fire and Rescue Service
  • Smart silence for false alarms
  • Toast proof - reduces nuisance alarms

Positioning: Bedroom | Living room | Hallway | Landing | Dining room

In order to achieve the earliest fire warning, we recommened that a smoke alarm is fitted in all rooms where the temperature is normally
between 4°C (40°F) and 38°C (100°F).

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