FireAngel Wi-Safe2 Low Frequency Sounder

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The W2-LFS-630 low frequency sounder from FireAngel is designed for use in conjunction with a wirelessly interconnected Wi-Safe2 smoke and heat alarm system.

The sounder provides additional audible warning to wake high risk occupants including children, those under the influence of alcohol and people with moderate hearing loss. Mains powered with a back-up battery that continues to power the unit after a mains failure, the sounder can be wirelessly interlinked with up to 50 Wi-Safe 2 devices.

  • Mains powered low frequency sounder with back-up battery
  • CE marked
  • Can be wirelessly interlinked with up to 50 other Wi-Safe2 devices
  • Radio-frequency range: 200m in free space, up to 35m in buildings
  • Emits a 520Hz square wave at 85dB when triggered
  • Additional audible warning to wake high risk occupants
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical wall mounting, or left free standing
  • Test button: allows you to test all interlinked alarms from one location
  • 5 year warranty
  • An interlinked system provides the earliest possible warning of danger


5Yr Warranty.png5 Year Warranty
Battery.png72 hour Battery back-up
  • Features Wi-Safe 2 - One alarm goes off - they all go off
  • Emits a 520HZ square wave at a volume of 85dB at 3 metres and the red ‘alarm’ LED will also illuminate.

PositioningCan be wall mounted horizontally or vertically or freestanding offering greater flexibility in positioning.

The low frequency sounder has been specifically designed to provide additional protection to standard smoke alarms in the event of a fire.
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