FireStopper Extinguishing Spray, 600ml

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The easy-to-use FireStopper Extinguishing Spray is the perfect aid in the kitchen or next to the barbecue, in case flames erupt. This compact and light spray requires no maintenance and is as simple to use as any spray can.

The class rating 5A 21B 5F means that the FireStopper can be used to extinguish many different types of materials and fluids. Most essentially, for the active kitchen user, the spray acts as a handy extinguisher for grease fires and won't leave behind an inconvenient, hard-to-clean mess like a powder extinguisher does.
  • Contains 600 ml
  • Extinguishes types A, B & F fires
  • Class: 5A 21B 5F
  • Keep in a dry, non-freezing space
  • Follows Aerosol Directive 75/324/EC
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