GP TravoSafe Lithium Free PowerBank

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GP TravoSafe is the world's first Lithium Free* PowerBank. Safe for Travel. Pack and Go !

As of 2016, spare lithium batteries are no longer allowed in checked luggage on airlines and will be removed. Fully complied with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, the TravoSafe compact powerbank can be carried in your check-in or carry-on baggage. Its aluminum-coated cover protects the PowerBank against shocks. It can function properly under extreme weather conditions.

Powered by GP's ReCyko+ new generation Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) - GP TRAV O SAFE PowerBank reduces the risks of explosion as compared to the conventional portable lithium PowerBanks.

• Lithium Free* PowerBank, Powered by ReCyko+ Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, 3800mAh

• Safe for travel, fully complied with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, can be carried in your check-in or carry-on baggage

• With fast charging speed, it’s ready for smartphone, iPad and most Tablet PCs

• LED indicator to show battery level


• Intelligent automatic power modulation switch for various input voltage tailor-made for traveling use

• Charge smartphone up to 1.5 times#

• Built-in with safety protection

- Over and under temperature protection
- Over current protection
- Over charging protection
- Over discharging protection
- Short circuit protection

* Do not contain any reactive lithium that takes place in chemical reaction.
# GP laboratory test, results may vary under different operation conditions.

Technical Features

Battery Rating: NiMH 3.6V 3800mAh / 13.68Wh

Input: D.C. 5V / 1A

Output: D.C. 5V / 1.5A

Recharging: 5 hrs (approx.)^

Size: 97(L) x 59.4(W) x 22.8(H) mm

Weight: 222g +/- 5g (approx.)

^ The above recharging time may vary under different operating conditions.

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