HALLA Winter Booties for Dog

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HALLA winter booties are soft and high-quality fleece paw warmers for dogs. The opening at the front booties makes them easy to put on. Velcro straps make the fastening effortless. The bottom material is flexible, water resistant, cold proof and non-slippery.

The booties
  • prevent snow from getting lumpy in the fur and between pads 
  • protect pads from cold and irritating road salt 
  • keep paws clean and warm

Please be aware that long and sharp nails might rip the seams or break the material.

Wash: 30 degrees, 100% polyester

Tip: While testing the booties for the first time, dogs might lift their feet or jump around in a funny way. Please try not to laugh at your dog as this might cause them to feel embarrassed the next time you put the booties on.

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