Housegard Safetybox: powder extinguisher 6kg + fire blanket 120x180cm

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Housegard's Safetybox package includes a top-notch, 6kg powder extinguisher and an official fire blanket.

The extinguisher includes ABC powder, which can be used in fighting all sorts of starting fires at home, working spaces, the summer house, moving vehicles or even outside in freezing temperatures.

The silicon-coated fire blanket is greatly helpful in spaces ranging from domestic kitchens to industrial plants.

NOTE: If Turvakauppa works in close co-operation with Suomen Sammutinpalvelu (Finland Extinguishing Service) in Turku. All extinguishers ordered from our webshop will be delivered checked, officially stamped and ready for use!

This discounted batch of SafetyBoxes is manufactured in 2017 and has 8 years of reliable working life left before thorough servicing, at 10-years-old.

Vehicle bracket included.

Silicon-coated fire blanket, 120 x 180 cm

55A 233B C powder extinguisher, class ABC

(SS-EN3, CE, Wheelmark, DNV)

Delivered with official stamps.

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