KUPU design smoke detector

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Fire alarm designed by Harri Koskinen is design at its best - easy to use and good-looking.

There are no small buttons on this stylish smoke alarm. Instead, the entire outer shell acts as a button that can silence false alarms and be used for testing the functionality and battery.

Installation is as quick and easy. The fire alarm can be attached on the ceiling in just a few seconds with 3M adhesives, included in the package. The velcro is a sturdy and durable option to traditional installation methods.

Harri Koskinen is a versatile designer whose design objects have received international recognition. He has won several awards, of which the most notable are the Compasso d'Oro Award in 2005 and the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize in 2009.

Kupu, as part of Jalo Helsinki’s fire alarm series, is stylishly designed and has a beautiful fabric cover, for use at home, in the summer cabin or in a boat. A fire alarm does not have to be a boring and unstylish fixture for every home. In addition to taking care of the home's safety, design fire alarms are pleasing and alluring in their design.

Fire alarms by Jalo Helsinki have been awarded a CE certificate that complies with the requirements of EU directives. These fire alarms have gained international recognition; in 2011, they won the prestigious design award, Red Dot Design.

Design Harri Koskinen
Produced by Jalo Helsinki

Type: optical
Size: 110x110x39mm
Weight: 165g
For temperatures: 0 - 45 °C
Air humidity: 0-90%
5-year battery (3 x 3V CR2450 lithum batteries)

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