Phaesun Trek King solar charger

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The Phaesun Trek King solar charger is an essential part of any modern-day travel kit! Outdoors, the Trek King can be easily fixed on backpacks, saddle bags or boats by means of the eyelets integrated in the textile frame. This way, charging as you go becomes easy and effortless!

With the help of Phaesun Trek King, accumulator packs, GPS device, cameras and mobile phones can be recharged when traditional sources of power are not available. Free power in a sustainable way!

  • Light weight solar module in textile frame
  • Integrated electronics and USB port
  • Easily fixable to backpacks, saddle bags, etc.
  • 5V (6V Vmp) / 2240mA / 14W
  • Weight 390g
  • Size when folded 29,5 x 16 x 1 cm
  • Size when opened 29,5 x 39 x 0,4 cm
  • Easy to attach to backpacks, etc.
  • Packable into check-in luggage: no lithium batteries!
  • Handy and light also in hand luggage
  • USB port.
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