Selecting Headphones for a Child

Children’s hearing loss is on the rise. The increased use of tablets and smartphones surely play a role in this. Younger and younger kids are getting to choose on their own what to listen to, how and when.
Did you know it is highly recommendable to avoid any headphone use with under 3-year-olds? When selecting safe headphones for kids, it’s important to keep in mind that their hearing is much more sensitive than that of grownups’. A few main principles to keep in mind:
  • limit the use,
  • avoid earbuds,
  • control the volume levels.
Does the child hear your voice from a meter or two away when wearing headphones? If not, the volume is most likely too high. A reliable choice has an always-on decibel control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children.

Another important aspect to children’s headphones is durability and design. The set must be flexible, preferably waterproof and lightweight. It must be resistant to hits here and there. Purchasing the lowest-cost headphones could backfire as soon as they fall from the small hands onto a hard surface. Thankfully there is a fair selection of reasonably priced, good-quality headphones out and available.

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