The Essentials for the Spring Cyclist

The cycling weather in Southern Finland is becoming ideal and Northern regions aren’t far behind. A fresh pedalling to work will awaken even the snooziest of commuters, and while your mind gets a kick-off for the day, your body gives thanks for keeping up with basic fitness.

However, before hopping on the saddle, it’s good to dust the winter off your wheels and do a bit of light maintenance:

1) Wash your bike. Dirt comes off easily with mild dishwasher liquid and a sponge.

2) Cleanse the breaks, pedals, chains and wires, and estimate whether they need greasing. Bicycle or sewing machine oil will do the trick.

3) Test the breaks and make sure the spokes are firmly attached to the rims. Pump the tires with air until they’re firm and see to it that the air doesn’t escape. Do the surfaces of the tires seem intact, does a visible pattern remain? Smooth tires require exchanging as they’ve lost their friction.

4) Do the lights work? Are the reflectors intact?

As soon as you’re ready to go, remind yourself that a bicycle helmet is the cyclist’s best friend. Protecting your head from injuries caused by surprise falls is a top investment, worth the rest of your life. When comparing traditional helmets, choose one that fits you just right. The most advanced traditional helmet options have MIPS technology incorporated in them. MIPS reduces rotational forces that can result from certain impacts, a concept based on two decades of academic research by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

An excellent alternative for the city biker is another Swedish innovation called Hövding: an airbag helmet tailored for the needs of an urban cyclist. A stylish collar hides the airbag helmet, which inflates in a blink of an eye in case of a collision or fall. Tested top-safe, wearing the collar allows you to pedal without a care in the world – and particularly, worries about your hair flattening.

Did you know that a bicycle helmet must always be replaced after impact?

When heading out in the dark, it’s important to have a functioning bike light, showing the way and making you visible to others on the road. Reflectors are a great help. Good quality locks will ensure your bike stays put till next time, and a bike alarm scares potential thieves away. Take a peak at our ever-developing selection for safe biking here.

Wonderful springy cycling!