Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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The Ultrasonic XL 200 device is an electronic pest Repeller which generates acoustic signals in ultra-high frequencies. The device has shown to be effective in repelling mice, rats and most of the irksome and harmful pests.

Laboratory tests have shown that the ultrasound waves attack the acoustic and nervous system of the pest, causing them uneasiness. At a sound pressure of approx. 70 – 90 dB, the uninvited guest will give up looking for food and move along.

The ultrasound waves are not harmful to the human ear. The Ultrasonic XL 200 does not interfere with any other electronic devices like television, radio, smoke and fire detectors, electronic alarm installations, cardiac pace makers or hearing devices. It is not at all harmful for plants.

Material Plastic
Colour Black
Power 4.5 W
  230 v
Plug Euro/Type C (CEE 7/16)
Effective range 50 m²
Sound pressure level 65 dB
Frequency 20 - 70 kHz
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